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C Wave for Bargain Hunters

C Wave For Bargain Hunters

 C Wave -Ideal Time for Bargain Hunters Hope many of our readers enjoyed the recent bear market rally  ( yes we believe that we're in a bear market and recent rally was just a pull-back...
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When To Buy The Dip ?

Should you buy the dip? The phrase “buy the dip” means jumping into the stock market when it is falling, hoping to scoop up some low-priced stocks for longer term profits. This habit becomes more...
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Brain Switch -Bull To Bear & Vice Versa

Switch in Our Brain ! Sadly we don’t have a switch in our brains - for us to turn it from optimistic to pessimistic, and from bullish to bearish ! And equally sad part is that...
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Entry Exit Strategy in Stocks- Stage Analysis

If you're buying the dip in this fall , then you might be doing a mistake. In this article ,we  discuss about the  Stage Analysis technique and how it can help medium to long term...

Pavlov, Recency Bias & Investors Behaviour

Triangular relationships - Pavlov, Recency Bias & Investors Behaviour Who is Pavlov and what he has to do with yours or mine behavior in the markets? Well, let’s first know about Pavlov. Ivan Pavlov was a Soviet...
v shape recovery

V Shaped Recovery This Time -Nifty 50 ?

Why There Won’t Be A V- Shaped Recovery This Time Stock indices & economies can take different times to recover depending upon the cause of the falls. Hence we need to be bit cautious with...

DoomsDay Scenarios -Nifty

Well today, we looked at the monthly charts of Nifty 50 - to get a long term picture. The big picture looks scary . As per  the Elliot theory, we have completed Wave 1 (after Triple...
bulls bears humans

Bulls, Bears And Humans

The Bear Market ,The Bull Markets and Poorly Evolved Human In the fight of bulls and bears, human's biases play out in the open. Recency -bias, Anchor-bias, evolutionary-optimism everything gets mixed up. Unsustainable things can last years...
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